Jason Aramburu, a proclaimed soil scientist, came to fuseproject with sensing technology for plants, with the concept of developing a deeper connection between people and their gardens. The team worked with Jason to develop the brand, and created holistic design language across the products and corresponding app. The result is a smart garden system that provides real-time information on what is happening in your garden, gives you tips on how to make your plants thrive, and even gives you insights as to what plants or plant groupings will grow best in a given environment. For the novice or the expert gardener, Edyn is designed to take the guessing out of gardening – giving you the tools to grow flourishing plants even amidst a busy urban lifestyle.

creative direction: yves béhar
industrial design: liam adelman
design: michael lashford, garrett godsey, nick mcginnis, kristine arth, allie packard
production design: allie packard
program manager: christina park
communications/pr: daniel sherman

IDEA, Outdoor & Garden, Silver, 2015
IDEA, Packaging & Graphics, Bronze, 2015
IDEA, Design Strategy, Bronze, 2015
Professional Notable, Core77, 2015
CES Editor's Choice, USA Today, 2015
International Design Awards, Bronze, 2014
Red Dot Product Design Award, 2015
Spark! Awards, SPARK! Product of the Year, 2014